[wɛlcʌm bæk bɹuɪnz]

Fall is here, and BLing is already dipping its toes in the academic waters!

This week, we tabled both the Enormous Activities Fair (affectionately called “E-A-F” on campus) and the Humanities Welcome. We got to meet a lot of new majors, and then spend time with some of you during our post-Hum. Welcome open house in Campbell Hall–which was an absolute blast for us!! Later this week–Friday, on Bruin Walk, to be exact–we will be tabling the World Languages Day event hosted by Le Circle Francophone, so stop by and get your “passport” stamped!

Also, don’t forget that our first meeting is October 15th at 6 p.m. in Campbell Hall 2122. Meetings take place every EVEN week and continue through the quarter–so be there or be square!

Until next time, stay updated on what’s happening with BLing here and on our Facebook page. See you soon, Bruin linguists!

-The BLing Crew

BruinLing.org and Website Maintenance

Hey there BLing members! This summer, the BLing board has been hard at work overhauling the website and increasing web presence. In that regard, we’d like to announce that the website will be up and running again some time around October 1st–so please stay tuned! Also, we are working to plan several events (some of which are co-hosted by the Cog. Sci. department) and will post any updates here and on our Facebook forum.

In the mean time, if you’re interested in learning more about the Bruin Linguistics Society, please e-mail us at bling@bruinling.org and we will reply in 2-3 business days. Alternately, you can visit the link below to connect with us instantly!

Until next time, take a moment to follow Allthingslinguistic on Tumblr and get into some interesting reading!

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All Things Linguistic

General Meeting #4

Hello All!
BLing’s 4th general meeting of Spring quarter ‘13 will be on Wednesday, May 22nd at 6pm in Campbell 2122. This week, we will have be hosting a visiting professor, Professor Martin Walkow as our guest presenter and he will be presenting on his research as well as ideas for how to do research in linguistics of your own! The main topic of the presentation will be focusing heavily on Syntax as that is Professor Walkow’s expertise!
Finally, we hope you all have had adequate time to complete your applications for board positions! They are due by midnight tonight! See you all at the meeting.


BLing Board Applications

Update: The deadline for officer applications has been extended to Monday, May 20th.

To apply for a position with the BLing board, just fill out the form below and email your responses to bling@bruinling.org by Monday, May 20th at 11:59pm. Feel free to include any extra information you would like us to know and which could help us make our decision. Questions about the application can also be directed to bling@buinling.org.

1. Name
2. Major/minor
3. Preferred email and phone #
4. Other obligations (clubs, sports, job, etc.)
5. Ideas/suggestions for BLing’s future activities and improvements
6. Rank (in order of preference) the BLing board positions you’d like to apply for (Vice President, Social Affairs Chair, Secretary, Public Relations Chair, President, Fundraising Chair).

To get an idea of what each position entails, read below.

ALL board members participate actively in the planning of our annual conference, SCULC.

Position Summaries:
Vice President – Helps the president and invites guest speakers.
Social Affairs Chair – Plans games, outings, and socials.
Secretary – Writes notes at board meetings and emails/Facebook posts for members, helps other board members as needed.
Public Relations Chair – Advertises club and conference, helps coordinate study sessions.
President – Leads in coordination of meetings, assignment of tasks, and planning of conference; ensures that board members complete their assigned responsibilities.
Fundraising Chair – Plans, coordinates, and executes fundraisers.

Sample duties:
Most tasks are or can be shared among multiple board members. Assignment of duties can be decided as additional duties come up or as circumstances change.
Vice President – Help coordinate meetings, book guest speakers, assist in conference planning and decision-making.
Social Affairs Chair – Help coordinate meetings, especially social component (i.e. game, restaurant outing, etc), lead in planning socials, assist in conference planning.
Secretary – Take notes at board meetings, assist board with tasks and decisions, help keep track of funds, update members via email/Facebook, assist in conference planning.
Public Relations Chair – advertise organization, update website, advertise events, assist in conference planning and advertising, send out call for abstract, help with study session coordination.
President – Help coordinate meetings, set agenda for board meetings, participate in completing funding applications, lead in conference planning, ensure that other board members are fulfilling their duties, help with decisions and completion of tasks.
Fundraising Chair – Lead in planning/ coordinating/ executing fundraisers, help set and keep track of budget, assist in conference planning.